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Virtual Reality Marketing

The next evolution in marketing is your ability to reach customers in a new, fantastic way giving your customers both a better memory recall of your offering and a user experience they'll never forget.


A completely immersive auditory and visual experience.

Live Demo

This VR Product Experience speaks for itself: A virtual world for your customers to experience your offering in a new, fantastic way.

Build a VR Campaign

We can help you build a custom, interactive VR experience.

  • EASY TO USE - VR campaigns using a VR system are very easy to use, and extremely intuitive, allowing customers simplicity in experiencing your product or offering.
  • USER EXPERIENCE - User experience may be guided by a representative, and allows customers to experience your offering in virtual, fantastic detail.
  • PRODUCT RECALL - VR enables your product or offering to stand-out and give your customer something to virtually touch and experience, which allows for better product recall, and increasing sales.


We offer smart VR products for your marketing needs.

VR Products for Purchase

All VR Campaigns come complete with discounted equipment or 1 year equipment lease. Products come preconfigured with support for custom-developed environments.


Oculus Rift

Our method of choice to enter and explore VR world at 110º FOV.


Acer Mixed Reality

A low-cost VR Headset with 100º Field of View visual experience.


VR Laptop

A laptop solution, pre-configured for your VR experience.


Complete Setup

Fine-tuned for performance and ready for your marketing use.

VR Products for Rent

Rentals for your marketing or promotional event.


$ 100 per day
  • Simply want to try VR and have your own configured laptop? We rent headsets!
  • 2-Day Min, 7-Day Max, Call for monthly rates


$ 120 per day
  • VR configured laptops help you power your VR experience if you've already got the gear.
  • 2-Day Min, 7-Day Max, Call for monthly rates


$ 200 per day
  • A complete, optimized setup for your VR needs; a perfect out-of-the-box solution!
  • 2-Day Min, 7-Day Max, Call for monthly rates


$ 80 per hour
  • Live support is available for your event. Travel time and expenses are excluded.
  • Off-site Support Available


VR for Tradeshows allows a new level of customer experience!

WOW your customers with TRADE SHOW VR! M2Z can develop a custom virtual experience showcasing your product or service with fun interaction and memorable animations to give your custom better understanding and better recall of your product offering. Please contact us for a demonstration or to learn where we will demo our VR campaign next!

Development Timeline

Depending on your product offering, we can customize your Virtual Reality Experience to better meet your customer's needs and wants.


We'll start by creating mood boards, design themes, and color palettes, as well as discuss the offerings you want to share in the virtual environment.


Our team of designers will create different scenes and interactions based on initial design discussions.


Once interaction design is complete, and once you've decided the amount of scenes and interactivity needed, we will work to code and finalize your product offering for a live test.


Once complete, we'll test the product and configure all VR systems and let you take it for a test drive; and take it through the wringer again if anything needs to be tidied up.


Final tweeks done, we release the final product and then train your staff members on the use of the VR equipment!


$ 999  
  • Use our pre-designed custom user experience with interactivity for your customer featuring your logo and VR product offering!
  • 2 scenes
  • 1 interaction
  • 2 week development

Small Business

$ 2999  
  • Use any of our templates, give us your 3D resources, and we'll put them to work for you in a fantastic virtual environment!
  • 2-4 scenes
  • Moderate interactions
  • 30-day development

Premium Custom

$ 180 per hour
  • 100% custom design, custom interaction, we promise you the best VR experience for your application!
  • Mutliple scenes
  • High interactions
  • 40-hour minimum


$ CALL  
  • 100% custom design and development for use with major corporations, a completely immersive and custom experience
  • Multiple scenes
  • Maximum interactions
  • 100-hour minimum


San Diego • Milwaukee
Los Angeles • Chicago


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